About Us

Unique Eyes are a breakthrough new breed of disposable Eye Fashion Accessory. Made from the latest material, they lead the way in colour Eye Fashion Advancements.

Manufactured with a precision cast moulding method the result is a comfortable accessory of ultra-thin design, which conforms to strict European safety requirements. The accessories are not sold through optical businesses and are not optical appliances or medical devices. They are not capable of offering corrective features for eyesight but instead have a clear see through membrane circle in the middle to allow normal uncorrected vision.

Though we sometimes fail to admit it, we all strive for beauty and hold a desire to look our personal best. Whether this means topping up a golden tan, investing in beauty treatments or a change in hairstyle, the fact is, we love the feeling we get when we look good.

For some time we have been able to purchase any number of products which allow us (for example) to change our hairstyle and colour, the tone of our skin or whiten our teeth. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, we can change our eye colour in seconds by using a simple off the shelf fashion accessory. Unique Eye Accessories are currently the hottest must have item - everybody wants beautiful bright eyes and the best news is you don’t have to pay a fortune for them.


Unique Eye Vision Ltd is to be, without doubt, the finest Eye Accessory manufacturing facility in the world. Our goal is to stay one step ahead of the competition by remaining on top of the technological and inspirational advances in the industry, and through exemplary service provision.


To offer products with unique designs and best quality that serve different market segments globally with consumer safety of paramount of importance.

At Unique Eyes Cosmetic, all products are bar-coded and we continually invest in updating our systems to enable the efficient day to day running of our operation. We also have the facility to "own brand label" all our products, allowing you the freedom, flexibility and opportunity to stock your choice of products, in packaging that meets the demands of your particular and perhaps varied customer base. For our European/Rest of World Distribution clients we can also do packaging and labeling in any language you require. We work on a next day basis for all UK customers and a two to three day service for European and Worldwide orders. Point of Sale We know how important it is to display products in an attractive way to customers.

We will provide point of sale marketing material for your shop, including full colour posters and some incredible display stands.

Our ranges come in colour coded boxes which are fully bar-coded. Our Products Contents:

  • 2 Soft Eye Accessories (1 per vial)ISO 9001:2000
  • Ingredients: (eye accessories):Hydrxyethylmethacrylic Acid CarbodiimideCrosspolymer, +/-Cl51319, Cl77288, Cl74160,Cl77489,Cl77491,Cl77492,Cl77490,Cl77891

About Us

Officially Licensed Eye Accessories

Unique Eyes Cosmetic are the exclusive manufacturers and worldwide distributors of many licensed eye accessories. These include many popular and established brands. All our branded ranges use officially licensed designs.

The Unique Eyes Cosmetic Service

With an innovative design team we are constantly introducing new designs onto the market, supplying the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America, with new countries coming on board on a a monthly basis. Our flexible approach allows us to competently service our diverse customer base, which includes multiple chain stores, department stores, gift shops and specialist retail outlets.

Our POS material is first class, from acrylic stands to posters to make sure you get the most sales from your customers.

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Set up your eye accessory point of sale the easy way with a Unique Eyes Cosmetic Accessory Starter Pack. The starter packs give you a selection of eye accessories, accessory cases, solution and our complete Unique Eyes Cosmetic Eye Accessories Display Stand with samples.

Unique Eyes Cosmetic is trade only website. If you would like to purchase any of the eye accessories please visit our many online retailers where you can view and buy the full range. The full range of coloured eye accessories from white eye accessories to blue eye accessories is available to buy. If you are dressing up they have a fabulous range of costume eye accessories to go with any costume or night out. For the more wild side of you the crazy eye accessories come in a variety of designs including officially licensed designs. For the wide eye look there is a range of big eye eye accessories.

Halloween season is when you dress your eyes up with zombie eye accessories, black eye accessories, twilight eye accessories, vampire eye accessories and much more. We carry a large range of Red and White eye accessories as well as the largest range of Halloween eye accessories on the internet. Whatever eye colour you want we have something for everyone.